I was born in Germany, but lost my heart to the picturesque Alps while studying Biology at the University of Konstanz (Germany). After finishing my studies, I moved even closer to the mountains to do a Ph.D. at the ETH in Zürich (Switzerland), before heading off to explore the “Southern Alps” in New Zealand and the glacier-shaped mountainous landscape of Norway during my postdoctoral time. There may be more mountains to explore, but for now I am confident that nothing can top the Swiss Alps, so I came back to Switzerland where I am currently working at the University of Basel.
I am a curious, lively and impatient person, but I cherish to sleep-in and relax with a big fluffy cup of cappuccino – for me, these characteristics go pretty well together. Whenever time permits you can find me in the mountains: crimping the tiny edges of some boulders, climbing steep peaks, skiing down powdery slopes, crossing ridges and traversing passes, or riding a flowy trail with my mountain bike. During more quiet times you might also see me with my binoculars, spotting birds and other wildlife.

Julia M.I. Barth

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